CEPLATE Anterior Cervical Plate System
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CEPLATE Anterior Cervical Plate System

The CeplateⅡ Anterior Cervical Plate System is designed for use in a variable,
constrained, or hybrid screw configuration.
• Implant & Instrument Versatility.
• Constrained screws provide up to 5° of angulation in the coronal plane while maintaining sagittal alignment of
the screw. This flexibility allows for easier placement of the screw without affecting the stability of the construct.
• Variable screws provide up to 20° of angulation.
• Self-drilling, self-tapping and oversized screws.
• Polyplex drill guide and hole preparation options.
• Optimized Plate Design.
• Thickness = 2.4 mm.
• Width = 17 mm.
• Plates are pre-lordosed, reducing the need for contouring.
• Unique window design allows for optimal visualization of the graft, vertebral bodies, and endplates.

The CeplateⅡAnterior Cervical Plate System is indicated for stabilization of the cervical spine from C2 to C7
employing unicortical screw fixation at the anterior face of the vertebral bodies.



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