Scorpn I Cervical Cage(Zero-porfile Peek)
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Scorpn I Cervical Cage(Zero-porfile Peek)

Scorpn I acts as a stand-alone implant for use in cervical interbody fusions. Its design combines the functionality of
a cervical interbody spacer and the benefits of an anterior cervical plate.

The Scorpn I system is intended for use following anterior cervical discectomy for reduction and stabilization of
the cervical spine (C2–C7).
− Degenerative disc disease (DDD, defined as neck pain of discogenic origin with degeneration of the disc
confirmed by history and radiographic studies)
− Spinal stenosis
− Failed previous fusions
− Pseudoarthrosis

Features and benefits:
·Zero profile
·Reduces risk of dysphagia -- The implant is contained within the excised disc space and does not protrude
past the anterior wall of the vertebral body as do anterior cervical plates. This zero anterior profile may be
beneficial in reducing the occurrence and severity of postoperative dysphagia. In addition, preparation of
the anterior surface of the vertebral body is minimized because the implant does not lie against this surface.
·Prevents adjacent level ossification-- It has been shown that cervical plates placed near adjacent level discs
can contribute to bone formation near or around the adjacent level which may lead to future complications.
Scorpn I minimizes this risk, as it remains as far as possible from the adjacent level disc spaces.
·Ease of use − The Scorpn I screws have a one-step locking conical head which locks the screw to the plate by
simply inserting and tightening the screw.



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