Scorpn II Cervical Cage(Zero-porfile 3D Ti)
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Scorpn II Cervical Cage(Zero-porfile 3D Ti)

Scorpn II is one cervical fusion cage system that lead to zero profile after surgery, which is absolutely
suitable for the following indications: Spondylotic myelopathy and foraminal stenosis cervical discopathy,
Prolapsed intervertebral disc and symptomatic cervical spondylosis; lesions and revision surgeries,
Cervical Pseudarthrosis

Features and advantages:
·Zero incision fusion and fixation and no need for other prosthesis
·SLM Titanium for better compatibility
·Teeth design to prevent cage migration
·The 3D porous Ti-alloy on multiple layers is beneficial for bone growth, accelerating bone fusion.
·When the self-tapping locking screw insert into the cage, the angle in the sagittal plane is 40°±5°and in the transverse plane is 2.5°.
·Supports a quick osseointegration and optimized fusion of the bone with the macro structure of the cage
·Self-tapping screw and anti-pull ring guarantee safety and stable fixation.
·Compact and user-friendly instrument



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